Platform and Issues

We have to step beyond the partisan games that plague Washington D.C. and focus on the real issues facing the district. We need to fix our roads and bridges, we need affordable higher education and we need a congress that’s focused on fixing problems more than just getting re-elected every few years. We don’t need to make America great again, America is already great. We need to make Congress great again and that starts by cleaning house.

  •  Jobs:
    • Creating new jobs here in Minnesota’s Sixth District will be one of my top priorities when I get to Washington. It’s vital that we make sure everyone who wants a job can get one. We need to make sure that those who want to work hard and fulfill the American dream have an opportunity to do so.
  •  Infrastructure:
    • We need real and long term investment in everything from our crumbling highway system to modernizing our electrical grid, airports, sea ports and pipelines. Doing this is a basic function of government and it will create thousands of good jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.
  • Higher Education:
    • Higher education is critical. The places that are investing in it are winning. It’s that simple. If we don’t address this issue, we will fall behind globally and I refuse to let that happen. America is a leader, not a follower, and I’ll defend that legacy.
  • Veterans Affairs:
    • The current VA system is broken.  We promise these men and women that when they join our armed forces, we will do two things.
      1. Leave no one behind.
      2. Take care of you when you get home.
    • I know we do our level best with the first one and it happens more often than not.  But in the second one, we are failing and badly.  The new system that was put in place as a fix to current system has only made it worse. As your representative and an Army veteran, I will work tirelessly to fix this system.  Our men and women were promised proper medical care, quite frankly we owe it to them for their commitment and sacrifice.
  • Women’s Rights:
    • Women deserve equal pay for equal work.
    • The idea that de-funding Planned Parenthood will protect women is a lie. Let’s stop the war against women, and keep funding an organization that does more preventative care and education than anything else.