Official Campaign Announcement!

Snyder Enters Congressional Race

Army Veteran Vows to Put Service Ahead of Partisan Games


Filing for candidacy!

Carver, Minnesota—Saying it’s time for a “new approach to new problems”, U.S. Army veteran David Snyder announced he’s running for the DFL endorsement in the 6th Congressional District.

“We have to move past the partisan gridlock and focus on the real issues facing the district,” he said. “We need to fix our roads and bridges, we need affordable higher education and we need a congress that’s focused on fixing problems more than just getting re-elected every few years. We don’t need to make America great again, America is already great. We need to make Congress great again and that starts by cleaning house.”

Snyder graduated from Lincoln High School in Floodwood, Minnesota. After serving 7 years in the Army, he earned a degree from University of Minnesota, Duluth. The Army reactivated Snyder in 1991 to serve training helicopter pilots for Operation Desert Storm. After serving, Snyder returned home and became a union iron worker.

“Higher education is critical,” he said. “The places that are investing in it are winning. It’s that simple. If we don’t address this issue, we will fall behind globally and I refuse to let that happen. America is a leader, not a follower, and I’ll defend that legacy.”

“The same holds true for our infrastructure. We need real and long term investment in everything from our crumbling highway system to modernizing our electrical grid, airports, sea ports and pipelines. Doing this is a basic function of government and it will create thousands of good jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.”

“What happens in the next few years is going to affect us for a long time,” he said. “I don’t want to look back in 10 or 20 years and say I didn’t do my best to leave our country in a strong position for my family or the great people of the Sixth District. What we do now matters and there’s no time to waste in owning up to the challenges confronting us.”

“We need more people in Washington D.C. who are willing to put doing what’s right ahead of the same old partisan games,” he said.

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